Starting 1997, I grew up in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Think of the Oktoberfest 🥨🍺.

Back when I was young, my family had limited budget. My devices were the slowest on the market, and waiting for websites to load was like waiting for your pizza in the oven. It took way too much time.

When I started developing, I went out to make sure everything I develop is as fast as possible, so that everyone can enjoy my websites, especially humans who also do not have fast devices or fast internet. Today, this is more important than ever.

Fast forward, now…

… I’m a Performance Engineer at Framer (since 2024)

… I was Principal Engineer at Jochen Schweizer mydays Group (2021-2024)

… got the bachelor’s degree at the LMU Munich in Computer Science & Human-Computer-Interaction (Psychology & UX, 2021)
grade 1.1🎓 – awarded as top 10% of graduates🎖️

… co-founder of OPL in the gaming industry

… I have been web-performance consultant for 3perf , and contributed to and created multiple open-source projects on GitHub

… finished a professional training in software engineering at Jochen Schweizer (2017), grade 1.2

… I have writing chrome extensions that gathered together more than 100.000 users (since 2013-2023)

What I care about

What I enjoy doing

Languages I speak


Sounds good? Contact me on my social media accounts, or hi@kurtextrem.de