Open-Source & Research

I started working on and contributing to open-source all the way back in 2011, when I was in high-school. Some are by now outdated, some have impact to this day.

Projects and Contributions (

A curated list of interesting performance related PRs and blog posts in the JavaScript & web-performance area.

High-performance implementation of the SIEVE caching algorithm in JavaScript.

checks if CSS is applied correctly on any element  · forked from Chromium DevTools (added programmatic access to hints via a JavaScript API) (original)
added prerendering 🚀 · support for Safari (you experience the lib on my website)

contributed tips & tricks for optimizing JavaScript bundles using webpack.
helped curating JavaScript tips

🚀 Performance Patches

lucagez/json-stringify faster than JSON.stringify():
5-50% performance improvement
jshttp/cookie cookie parser used by e.g. fastify:
PR #1, PR #2
Extensively benchmarked hashing algorithms and made sha1 the default.
rendering performance improvement

Bachelor Thesis (2021 🇩🇪)

Design and development of a web interface for chemical analysis of quantum mechanical data
– graded 1.0 – interdisicplinary thesis from IT & Chemistry with focus on User Experience and Psychology (52 pages)

Professional Training (2017 🇩🇪)

Final Presentation (100/100%) · Final Documentation (95/100%)
For the next generation of trainees, I have published my finals as part of a well-known specialist blog.

Chrome Extensions

I’ve open-sourced all chrome extensions I’ve written from 2013 to 2023:

Layoutify: Improved Layout for Instagram – peak 10.000 users
Tabbie Updated - Tab Manager
Eye Care - reminds you to take a break – 1k active users
Gmail Mail Counter · Gmail Mail Expander
Stop Autoplay for Youtube – peak 50.000 users
Planetside2 Alerts – peak 5.000 users


During my work at the Jochen Schweizer mydays Group , I have found and mitigated: